Embryo's & Foals

Embryo's Frozen   

Balou de Reventon  x  Lorenta

Cornado  (van Ehning)  x  Lorenta  (2x)

Chacco Blue   x  Lorenta (2x)

Comme il Faut  x  Lorenta (4x)

Corrado   x  Lorenta  (4x)

Conthargos   x  Lorenta (4x)

Who is Lorenta  ?

Ones, one of the most promising horse for the major work,

but was injured by an unfortunate accident.

Today she 's a wonderful mother (°2012)  to her foals.

Lorenta's results  here !


Embryo's implanted

Corrado  x  Lorenta

Conthargos  x  Lorenta

Foals  expected  °2024